Why Choose Us?

The Beauty Star provides a one-stop solution to all your beauty needs, from hair to toe, skin to total image, looks to etiquette, one day consultation to creation and execution of long term maintenance, we have it all here!

One-stop solution

  1. Saves time & energy to look for different services – convenience for the customer (1 stop solution here referring to from facial to overall image design, i.e with good skin condition, will increase the perfection of make-up result- with suitable and perfect make-up + suitable dress code = create perfect image = perfect confidents to meet up with people/step out from your door)
  2. With better knowledge on correct etiquette, your self-confidence will increase and other people will feel the difference in you
  3. We will share about beauty and health, with good health, beauty comes naturally. 'no health no wealth'
  4. Reasonable fees; Quality products & services at affordable prices
  5. Home services can be arranged
  6. Trial is provided for bridal & dinner make-up
  7. Make-up & facial / face treatment is inter-related
  8. Beauty from Inside Out (Internal beauty through etiquette knowledge; External beauty through image knowledge/services provided by Anna)
  9. Pleasant, professional and personal service by Beauty Consultant Anna